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Moorfield Associates was founded  in 1989 as a system design company for the distribution of technical products at affordable prices.  

The staff had spent many  years in high tech industry with Ferranti, Schlumberger, Fairchild Semiconductor, Philips Semiconductor and VSW Scientific Instruments. They had  learnt that innovation was only as good as its time to market and although the product portfolio has changed significantly with the success of the business, this philosophy is still a key corporate objective today.

Low overhead structure and high investment in management and communications systems have enabled the company to maintain a competitive advantage in terms of both price and service turnaround. 

Moorfield today has three major product areas:

  • Vacuum deposition systems

  • Vacuum Services

  • Clean environments


Moorfield's HQ is located in the tranquillity of the Cheshire countryside just 2 miles south of the old market town of Knustford (home of Henry Royce of Rolls Royce fame) and conveniently sited within 2 miles of the M6 motorway, 12 miles from Manchester International Airport and 30 miles from the Roman town of Chester