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clean cube at royal observatory edinburgh



installing a clean cube modular cleanroom

"An inexpensive way to produce a permanent clean room"

Born out of the need for something more permanent than the Clean-Tent, the Clean-Cube is a self supporting structure in a modular design form which significantly reduces on site engineering and assembly time. The Clean-Cube usually doesnt need any planning permissions  so estate departments and beaurocratic interventions are minimised.

A modular 1200mm wall frame system locks together to form the perimeter of the room, to which is attached acrylic 6mm rigid panels. A rigid and structural ceiling provides the location for recessed lights, air conditioning and fan/filter unit.

The maximum ceiling span is 6 meters and the walls can be any length but better to be divisible by 1200mm as this maximises the panels.

Gowning rooms, pass through hatches and personnel / equipment loading doors may be added as required just like a normal cleanroom.