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Clean-Hood Laminar Flow workstation
  • Horizontal or vertical flow

  • Class 100 HEPA

  • Tri-fold door valance

  • Bench mount or free standing

  • electrical pack, Mini Helic gauge, fan controller options


Clean Hood 1200 series laminar flow booth

Simple design:

Clean-Hoods design is based on Moorfields fan filter units that are the backbone of the successful Clean-Tent range of products.

The Fan filter unit consists of an epoxy coated steel air box housing a centrifugal fan and air dampers /baffles. At the back of the box is a 400mm square spigot containing pre filter and ( if required) flange connection for a supply air duct. On the front of the unit is attached the final filter. This determines the quality of the air supplied. The filter is attached to the frame via a  neoprene seal and  siliconed into place. H14 Class 100 HEPAs are fitted as standard but other options are available upon request.

The fan is controlled by a variable speed rotary dial and on/off switch mounted on the  high level dado service duct of the internal booth ( vertical  model only). The fan can provide up to 1100 m3 /hr through the filter at the industry standard 0.45 m/sec face velocity. This ensures that the air change rate at the work station is very high for the specified Class specification.

The fan filter unit is mounted on top of a 25mm box section steel frame. The frame is enclosed on three sides with clear acrylic sheet, designed to allow as much ambient light into the work station as possible.

An air dam maintains a constant positive pressure relative to ambient at the orifice face velocity of circa 0.5 M/Sec

Options include -  free standing stainless steel workbench, electrical pack, front face tri-fold valence, variable speed controller and differential pressure gauge.