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Application Examples



British Aerospace CT675 HEPA Class 1000  BEAGLE 2 Satelite unmanned mission to Mars
ELAM-T Custom CT HEPA Class 100  organic deposition process for displays
Onyvax  3 x  CT750 HEPA Class B prostrate cancer clinical drug trials
Astrium Ltd  CT675 HEPA Class 1000  satelite nose cone manufacture
Philips Electronics Ltd CT675 HEPA Class 1000  equipment pre fab protocol
Depuis Ltd 2 x Custom CT HEPA Class B equipment pre -clean room protocol
Crossover UK CT675 HEPA Class 1000   water bottling plant
Optical Microsystems Ltd CT675 HEPA Class B pharmaceutical  - glass vial manufacturing 
Raytheon inc CT1700 HEPA Class 1000 Space shuttle NASA project
Instrument Technology Ltd CT675  Vacuum system assembly and test
British Telecom CT675 for multi layer optical filter vacuum deposition process
Lombard Medical CT 675 for Artificial Aorta liner production in temporary facility whilst awaiting clean room procurement
Prosys Ireland Medical packaging
Royal Holloway College CT750 x 2 for temporary relocation of ICPMS facility whilst cleanroom was refurbished
Chilean Air Force CT750 but they never told us the use