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Clean-Shower  Down Flow micro climate workstation
  • Modular construction

  • Class 100 air

  • Vertical down flow

  • Inexpensive

  • Mobile option

  • Control pack option


clean shower CS2400 softwall clean envelope in BAE Rochester UK

CS2400 at BAE Rochester


Clean-Shower design is based on Moorfields fan filter units that are the backbone of the successful Clean-Tent range of products. The Clean-Shower is a  laminar  down flow booth designed for use in clean rooms to create a micro climate of approximately two levels better residual particulate quality w.r.t. ambient


The Fan filter unit consists of an epoxy coated steel air box housing a centrifugal fan and air dampers /baffles. At the back of the box is a 400mm square spigot containing pre filter and ( if required) flange connection for a supply air duct. On the front of the unit is attached the final filter. This determines the quality of the air supplied. The filter is attached to the frame via a  neoprene seal and  siliconed into place. H14 Class 100 HEPAs are fitted as standard but other options are available upon request.


The fan is controlled by a variable speed rotary dial and on/off switch mounted on a dado rail attached to a vertical support leg. The fan can provide up to 1100 m3 /hr through the filter at the industry standard 0.45 m/sec face velocity. This ensures that the air change rate at the work station is very high for the specified Class specification.


The fan filter unit is mounted on a structural T grid roof on top of a 50mm box section anodised aluminium frame. The frame is enclosed on all sides with clear strip curtains / solid acrylic panels (customer option), designed to allow as much ambient light into the work station as possible.

Options include - Lighting, softwall strip curtain sides, electrical pack, castors, control panel and differential pressure gauge.