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 Clean-tent is a truly portable cleanroom with specifications as high as Class 100 or  ISO5.  Whether your requirement is for a short term project or you require a very quick increase in clean room capacity or specification, the Clean-tent is the most cost effective way to buy clean room space.

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CT1700 clean tent at rutherford appleton labs UK

The new stainless steal cleanroom mobile drawer unit


NEW Cleanroom Furniture: more products have been added to our cleanroom Furniture range, including these new mobile drawer units.

Other additions include: a fully customised facility, enabling customers to obtain exact measurements for their furniture; a stainless steel 316 range for pharmaceutical applications; a 3 shelf mobile trolley


Clean-Cube: The Royal Observatory at Edinburgh recently ordered a custom Clean-Cube in order to protect sensitive camera instrumentation designed for spacecraft applications. The instruments are put inside a large vacuum vessel which emulates pressures as found in space. Performance testing is then carried out. The clean cube was modified with sliding doors to fit snugly around the chamber body and the whole cleanroom envelope accredited at better than class 1000

clean cube modular cleanroom at royal observatory edinburgh

Clean-Shower: similar to the Clean-Cube but with strip curtains all round and the addition of heavy duty castors on the legs make this enclosure mobile.

When pump manufacturers to the petroleum industry SPX were asked by their customer to service their valves in a dust free environment, SPX sought our advice since the valves cannot be readily moved after strip down and cleaning ( they are very heavy!). A Clean-Shower was provided to be moved over the valve work area in order to protect the parts from debris whilst being assembled and tested.



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